Nowadays, when many different devices were invented, there is a need for additional functions. For example, some users need the option of scanning a local network to determine the PCs connected to it and output complete information about them. The Angry IP Scanner application is designed just for pinging IP addresses in the local network and providing the user with information about them. Download the official version of Angry IP Scanner for free from our website and use it for personal and corporate purposes.


The presented utility is suitable for PCs and laptops with the following operating systems:

  • Windows OS - install the application on your PC or laptop running Windows OS and find out all the information about IP addresses in your local network.
  • Mac OS - download the application to your PC with the Mac OS operating system and perform a high-quality scan of your PC's local network.
  • Linux OS - download the utility to your Linux OS device.

Program features

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface. Suitable even for inexperienced users. Does not cause difficulties when working.
  • High-quality pinging of IP addresses and checking their availability. With a positive response from the server, it gives data about this IP address.
  • Provides the ability to save scan results in the form of tables of various formats to your PC.
  • Provides the owner with information about the computer name, workgroup, and system user.
  • You can find hotkeys that make it easier for you to work in this program.
  • Does not require installation. The utility can be run even from a third-party media, it is not necessary to install it on your own computer or laptop.
  • The main feature and advantage of the program is that it allows the owner to find out information about devices connected to the network, and employers can find out if his employees are using their PCs for personal purposes.


Angry IP Scanner is a useful program that has an impressive number of advantages and functions, but at the same time remains easy and understandable for everyone. Install the application for free on a PC and laptop and learn everything about computers connected to a local network and their users.